Graphic and web design are the basic foundations of your business.  A well designed brand is your book cover inviting clients to read your story.  I am a multiple American Advertising Addy Award Winning designer with 10 years experience in the graphic design and sign industries.  My graphic design experience includes logos, brochures, business cards, teeshirts, wedding invitations, event collateral, magazine layouts, posters, vehicle wraps, and signage. Web design platforms I use are Wordpress and SquareSpace with basic SEO.  

Photography is vital to your business' storyline showing your clients what you provide them. Capturing the brilliant light of a smile, water droplets suspended in time as they fall, or the bustling energy in a crowded room is the link you need to build a website or promote your business. These photos can also be used on social media, collateral print material, and hung in your office if you choose. 

Custom illustration creates a story in itself.  What better way to design your story than to have a illustration created just for you.  My experience includes creating specific illustrations including designs for teeshirts, decals, events, posters and logos. Illustration is a unique and custom option you can brand your business with. When you tire of looking at standard clip art custom illustration is the way to go.